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AC cares is an informational organization that identifies services that are available to the special needs community. This may be insurance based, purchase based and other free services in the 5 borough and long island area. The goal of AC cares is to educate the special needs community and assist them in finding the services needed to better their lives. AC Cares is an organization that helps Refer to services, find Information, network for Support, and deliver Education to families of special needs children and adults. We believe that education and knowledge is the strongest tool in allowing our special needs heroes meet their fullest potential.

“Human interaction is dynamic. It allows us to connect to others and to nurture our soul.”

Human interaction is dynamic. It allows us to connect to others and to nurture our soul. Surrounding ourselves with positive thoughts and being mindful in the moment enables us to grow as individuals and be the anchor our children need the most. Simply stated… people need people. AC Cares will connect you to other people to share information, thoughts, feelings, ideas, and coping strategies. Receiving support from others who truly understand is a gift we would love to share with you.

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